Spicy Lemon Pineapple Chicken (SLPC)

I’m on this Paleo diet (or at least trying my best to be on this diet) and I came home from work, opened the fridge to see if I had anything to snack on and I was left with nothing, but Almonds and some Hazelnuts. I love nuts, you know they are delicious, but I just wasn’t feeling nuts in my mouth at that moment. Take a moment to get your mind out of the gutter. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. By my surprise I forgot that I took some chicken breast out to thaw, fuck it, let’s make some chicken. How can I make this different than usual though? My normal process is to chop it up, throw it in a pan with some dull spices and eat it like that with some select vegetables. I was feeling funky, this would be the night that SLPC was born!

Spicy Lemon Pineapple Chicken - Photo Credit Me

Spicy Lemon Pineapple Chicken – Photo Credit Me

What you will need:

-Chicken Breast – I used 5 breasts of chicken so I can portion it out throughout my week. I live alone. So, if you are cooking for a family try to portion out how much breasts you’ll actually need to grab. ;)

-A lemon – Try to get a semi-ripe lemon. It will be firm with a little squish to it. (1-2 slices)

-A Pineapple – I bought pre-sliced pineapples for my smoothie mixes, but feel free to buy a whole pineapple and chop it up yourself. (2-3 Cubes)

Extra Virgin or Virgin Olive Oil (1 TBSP)

-An Assortment of Spices/Herbs:

  • Ground Pepper (Approx. 1 TBSP)
  • Red Pepper Flakes (Approx. 1 TBSP)
  • Oregano Leaves (Approx. 1 TSP)
  • Parsley (Approx. 1 TSP)
  • Sea Salt (Approx. 1 TSP or Pinch)
  • Cayenne Pepper Powder (Approx. 1 TSP)
  • Garlic Powder (Approx. 1 TBSP)
  • Garlic Salt (Approx. 1 TSP)

*Most of those are Approximate because we are messing with some spicy materials here. If you do not like your food to have a flame to it, use less than directed. If you like it with a flame to it, amp up the red pepper flakes and the cayenne pepper.

Here are the steps to create an amazing foodgasm:

Step One: Cooking Device

-Prepare your frying pan or Sauté Pan. I used a Paula Deen Signature Porcelain Red 5 QT Covered Deep Sauté Pan. (Yes, I was paid to mention that……no, not really) Stick it on your stove burner on a high temp. This would be your perfect medium high temp where you know shit won’t burn, but you know it will cook. We all have that one special notch in our knobs…

-Add in your olive oil

 Step Two: Chicken Prep

-Get that chicken out. I prefer my chicken to be organic, free roam, I feel like that chicken tastes and smells a whole lot better than the highly produced chicken that we are used to picking up at the store. Rinse or do not rinse? That is up to you, for this I did not rinse. Remove any fat or any veins that are still in the chicken so you have a nice looking couple of breasts staring you right in the face.

-Plop those breasts right into the pan, let them get cooking on the bottom side. While that is happening make sure you have your spices ready.

Step Three: Spice School

-Start with your most potent of spices (cayenne, red pepper, black pepper…) and sprinkle them all over the top side. Do not completely cover them, but make sure you can tell they are seasoned.

-As soon as you finish, flip them so their bottom is up. Now, follow the same step above. What you’re doing here is cooking those spices right into the chicken from the start. By the time you are done seasoning the bottom, flip them right back around. The top portion should be a little brown and you will notice that all of the spices are sticking right to the chicken.

-Congrats you just spiced the hell out of that chicken and gave it an amazing flavor….but wait, there is more!

Step Four: Lemon/Pineapple Fusion

-Grab your pineapple and your lemon. Place it right in the center of your pan, or in the areas of “negative chicken space” This means, the spaces between the chicken where you can just see straight down to the pan, plop them right in there and let them get cooking.

-Letting them cook will get them soft and allow their juices to spread through the pan under the chicken.

-Next – flip the chicken if needed. Should let the chicken sit on each side 3-5 minutes during each flip. Then place your pan lid on and let it get steamy in there.

Step Five: Juicy

-If you’re feeling brave, grab the lemon with your fingers (or use tongs..if you don’t have those, use to spoons) and squeeze out the remaining juices and rub them on the chicken. Let it sit for a minute. Flip the chicken over and squeeze juice onto the bottom.

-Repeat this step for the pineapples.

-Keep the pineapples and lemon slices in the pan and place the lid back on.

******Feel free to add a bit more spices as the process is cooking. The longer you cook, the more the spices will cook down, just remember the more potent spices will take a lot longer. So at this point you are probably losing the garlic powder, garlic salt, oregano taste….just add a bit more

Step Six: Just FORK it! 

-Your chicken should be tender enough to achieve this next task. There is a cheap trick to get flavors up through the chicken without marinating it for a day and night. You will not get that deep flavor though the chicken like marinating, but you will still get a fantastic taste indeed.

-Grab a fork or spork or whatever you can use to poke through the chicken. Poke all the way through the chicken in a few spots. Flip the chicken over and add a few more pokes. This will not make you lose the cosmetic goodness of your breasts…but what will it do?

-Well, at this point you should have quite a bit of juices floating around the bottom of your pan from the chicken, steam, and the fruit. Once you replace the lid back on, the steam will be allowed to travel from under the chicken, through then holes, thus delivering some flavor moisture to the tender meat inside. Trust me, it works.

Step Seven: Plating

-Once finished, your chicken should be a nice tender golden brown with visible spices sticking to it.

-Plate one breast on a plate and spoon some remaining juices on top of the breast to give it a more robust flavor. (foodgasm alert)

-I would add some asparagus to this and a side of salad (none of that iceberg stuff, use the good baby spinach stuff)