Welcome to Mishmashed ^

Welcome, Welcome Welcome….

Is blogging something cool to do still? Things change so fast these days, I don’t even know if I will be noticed here or not. In any case, I will give you a quick glimpse into my life and you can decide if you want to continue reading as we progress through life.

I am a young adult, 22 years old to be exact (when starting this). I work in Civil Service in police communications, so I have to watch what I say here, I am a firefighter as well as an EMT…so lets not violate any HIPAA laws as we progress. I like to think that I have a unique look at life, I generally come across as an asshole to many in the public, but I like people to know that I have a genuine soft side to my asshole-ness that I seem to project onto people on a daily basis.

In following this blog, I promise to be 100% myself as I throw out the Daily Mash and tell you about my day and how it was extremely awesome, or extremely horse shit. I am not going to hold back, I am not going to use proper vocabulary, and I am most likely not going to use spell check. That is something you’re just going to have to get over immediately. I am not here to shake babies and kiss hands. I’m here to fuck shit up.

I hope you all continue on to read my posts and I hope I can be an inspiration to most of you to just go out there and be yourself.



How was your Mashing?

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